Errachidia: A Worthwhile Touristic Direction

The city of Errachidia is one of the main cities in Morocco. It is situated in the South-east of the kingdom to be the capital of the Draa-Tafilalet region. Indeed, the city has got plenty administrative, touristic and other infrastructural facilities that make it a center of interest to most of its visitors. It also has got a leading university campus with two main faculties: the Faculty of Science and Techniques and the Poly-disciplinary Faculty. The city’s infrastructure is boosted by an international airport serving many cities in the kingdom.

The touristic attractions of the province of Errachidia are as varied as they are tempting. In fact, the city has got a lot to offer to all tourists regardless of their different tastes in leisure. It has got great touristic potentials due to the fascination of its landscape, the hospitality of its multi-ethnic population, and the richness of its historical and cultural heritage. This constitutes at the level of Great Tafilalet a mosaic of man-made products and nature. Great Tafilalet is considered to be the largest Moroccan oasis and one of the most important historical areas in the country.

Visitors to Errachidia are granted a great chance to explore a multitude of abundant and mind-blowing landscape.This consists in snowy peaks, high mountains, fairy sand-dunes, gorgeous oases and verdant valleys dotted with palm groves along the route of the wadis. Moreover, thanks to its glorious historical past, the province of Errachidia offers an immense wealth in terms of diverse cultural aspects as a living witness to the greatness of the civilizations that have dwelled this region of Morocco. This is characterized by a fabulous heritage consisting in huge sorts of crafts, ksours and Kasbahs, historical monuments and mausoleums.

The touristic temptation of the province is further confirmed by the richness of its popular arts and folklore, also and above all by the number and diversity of its touristic sites.

The Saharan area, located in the southern part of the province, with its many oases offering shade and shelter, is a genuine and typical product that is highly prized as part of ecological tourism, nowadays a fashion product dictated by the need for adventure and the exploration of nature expressed by international tourism. Thus the touristic product is very varied, we can cite three examples:

The Sand Dunes of Merzouga

The sand dunes of Merzouga, a wonder of nature, constitute one of the touristic prides of the province. They are located 50km from Erfoud. These dunes are well-known for their therapeutic virtues, especially for rheumatic cases. They sometimes reach the height of 100m, and extend over more than 30km in length. The real desert is there, the one in which nothing grows and which stifles the soil under a heap of dunes which, paradoxically when seen above, resemble a surge of waves. Another curiosity southwest of Merzouga, sometimes in case of flood of Ziz river that disappears there, is formed of a lake which serves as rest to the flamingos in their migration between the two shores of the Mediterranean

The Palmeraie du Ziz 

The Ziz Palm Grove extends over 150km often along the main road 21 to Rissani. It offers visitors beautiful scenery in several places, including Errachidia, Meski, Ouled Chaker, Aoufous, Zrigat, Douira, Maadid, Erfoud and Rissani.

The Picturesque Village

Consisting of 114 ksars built in adobe for centuries, it is considered as a tourist attraction for visitors thanks to the originality of its architecture

International date fair in Erfoud

The International Dates Fair in Morocco has its origins in the dates fair. The International Dates Fair is usually held during the last week of October in the city of Erfoud. This fair aims at the valorization of the date product and the development of sectors related to the oasis ecosystem. This event, which has acquired an international dimension and which aims at the development of the oasis space, also has as objectives the popularization of production techniques, the sharing of experiences between the various operators of the sector and the creation of a socio- Economic development for the benefit of the region. This fair is also an opportunity to discover the exhibition and marketing of other local products such as honey, henna and saffron.